Why use a massage gun - Dave Fick

We recently caught up with one of our ambassadors Dave Fick to find out why he loves his botthms massage gun and what benefits the device offers. He also gave us some valuable information regarding the benefits he has experienced.

Why do you use a massage gun?

I find that using a massage gun as a part of an intense training plan can be very beneficial but also incorporating it into your day to day routine to help prevent injuries. The Bottoms massage gun has allowed me to easily Increase blood and lymphatic circulation in my muscles, which allows for more oxygen and nutrients to be sent to the areas that I’m working on. 

What do you like about the massage gun?

There's just so much to love about the Botthms massage gun. Coming from a cheap no-name brand from a dodgy website I can genuinely say that the product is quality. The battery life on the gun is brilliant and can go for days without needing a charge. The noise factor is also minimal making it more tolerable for my partner when I'm using it in the evenings. The botthms guns also have plush finished that make the user experience very enjoyable. My favourite aspect of the gun is the different massage heads that it comes with. You can choose between the fork, pinpoint, flathead & ball which each have their different functions ( I'm a huge fan of the flathead ). 

How does the massage gun benefit you in your busy life, training schedule?

Juggling work life and training is tough. Especially when you are setting ambitious goals and pushing your body. I am a big fan of rolling and pressure balls for muscle release. But you can only really do that when you have a 30 min - 1-hour gap and be willing to work on technique and doing it properly. The Botthms massage gun is the same thing when it comes to recovery and helping your body target affected areas. I love taking my gun to the office and being able to work on sore muscles groups whilst sitting at my desk. It is an absolute game-changer and will take your recovery to the next level. 

Do you have any issues/injuries that the botthms massage gun helps you recover better?

I have recently been through an intense marathon training period with two back to back sub 3 marathons. The training period was tough and I picked up injuries in my calves fairly regularly. The Botthms gun was the easiest way to continuously allow muscle stimulation and get my blood flowing and release scar tissue from overtraining. I not only use the gun as a day to day tool for my training but heavily rely on it for rehabilitation from injuries. 

Dave's Running Achievements 

  • - 12 marathons in 12 months 2020 
  • - Two back to back sub 3 marathons 2021 ( 2:53 & 2:45 ) 
  • - 4th Place 2021 46km Maxi race trail run 
  • - 1st place B active 10km 2021 
  • - Asics front runner 2021